About Us

___Blind Monkey Speciality Coffee___ 

Is all about the Craft, 

Our mission is simple, to create a bridge between farmers and customers.

Import ,roast and deliver.

We are importing finest speciality coffee from the best farms around the world. 

Wojciech’s brainchild—Blind Monkey, a project he has been working on for a long time, saw the light of day for the first time in Brazil in 2022 (part of Dattera coffee farm trip). This is where he presented his coffee to fellow coffee lovers and geeks for the first time. Blind Monkey received positive and helpful feedback which kickstarted his dream project.
Soon, he brought his work to life and opened up a business that aims to provide top-notch quality coffee that is imported directly from the origin of some of the best farms in the world.                                            

 Working with coffee for more than 16 years, it is now not only a product of Wojciech’s business but a prominent, fun and rewarding part of his lifestyle. Growing up in Poland Wojciech  wanted to make a paramount change in life which led him to Ireland where he initially worked as a barista.

In the beginning, it was just  a coffee - a drink that helps you focus and increase your energy levels. This quickly changed as he let himself get immersed in the process the same way coffee gets submerged in milk or warm water, he realized how phenomenal it is.

Coffee is there when you start your day. It's there when you’re taking on challenges and it’s there when you’re catching up with a friend on a peaceful Saturday morning. He couldn’t help but fall in love with coffee and all it has to offer.



With love, passion, and technical expertise, Wojciech continued to work as a head barista for 9 years. In 2015 he started working as a barista trainer with the purpose of sharing his excitement and knowledge with others.

This is what lead him to crafting and launching his own venture as a coffee roaster.

The following is list of achievements that he feels proud to share with his fellow coffee lovers.
3rd place, Irish Barista Championship, 2015
3rd place, Irish Barista Championship, 2016
2nd place, Irish Barista Championship, 2017
Competitor, Coffee Masters, 2018
Irish Barista Champion, 2019
20th place, World Barista Championship, 2019
2nd place, Irish Barista Championship, 2020
2nd place, Irish cup Taters Championship, 2020
Finalist, World Barista Championship, 2021
Irish Barista Champion, 2023

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