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Peru Finca Marin

Peru Finca Marin

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Peru Finca Marin

Country: Peru, San Juan, Perene
Farm: Finca Marin
Variety: Geisha
Process: Black Honey
Altitude: 1500mals
Producer: Felix Marin


Floral, jasmine, Tangerines, Black Tea

Producer Information

Felix Marín and his family (wife, two daughters, and a son) founded Finca Marin Coopchebi, an agricultural cooperative in the Inka forests of Chanchamayo. They specialize in Geisha coffee and are developing new varieties, including a Decaf Geisha resistant to leaf rust. The Marín family has been in the coffee business since the 1960s, with Felix pioneering the export of organic and fair-trade coffee in Peru.

Their 11-hectare farm in Alto Yurinaqui, Perene, Chanchamayo, focuses on dwarf Geisha varieties. Despite a lower productivity of 552 kilos per hectare, they maintain high-quality standards, producing around 88 exportable 69kg bags annually. All their coffee is processed using the Black Honey method.

Finva Marin Coopchebi, with 149 members, emphasizes forest conservation and sustainability. As president of the National CAFE platform, Felix has secured low-interest credit for coffee growers and supports community development in health, education, and emergency services.

Khipu met Felix Marín at the Ficafe conference in October 2022. Impressed by the quality of their coffee, they visited Villa Rica, toured the cooperative’s washing station, and cupped their coffees


The cherries are fermented for 48 hours before pulping then the coffee is covered with as much mucilage as possible in the shade for 4 to 5 days. Finally, the coffee is placed in solar dryers for 20 days.

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